Choosing Your First Set of Gold Clubs

To get started in playing golf, you’ll first need to have your own set of golf clubs. However, for beginners, choosing a proper set could be difficult without some guidance.

Therefore, before getting started on purchasing your own golf set, here are some factors provided by Rockbottomgolf, that can serve as your guide.

Budget& Dedication

Golf BallsThe first thing that you’ll need to consider is the amount of budget that you’re willing to allocate for your choice of golf clubs, since by nature, they are expensive. It’s okay to purchase some of the higher-quality yet more expensive clubs, or even brand new sets, if you’re dedicated and you’re planning to go pro in the long run. However, if you think that your interest level in playing golf is just for the sake of “trying it out,” then it’s best to purchase an inexpensive set first, to allow you to practice golf as soon as possible. For this reason, it may also be in your best interest to just purchase a secondhand golf set, as even that will help you get by in the first few games that you participate in. If you’ve decided on buying used golf sets, though, make sure to do a thorough check on the set to make sure that everything is still in very good condition, especially the grips. This will ensure that you won’t need to replace the worn-out grips with new ones right away, thus saving you even more money.

Once you improve your skills and you decide to pursue a career in golf, however, you may need to spend an extra to replace your old set with a higher-quality set of golf clubs that fit your play style.

Standard vs. Made-To-Order

By default, the standard sets of golf clubs that are sold in sports shops correspond to a height of around 5 foot, 10 inches. If you’re around that height and you decide on purchasing a new set of clubs, then buying ready-made clubs will suit you just fine.

But if you’re too short or too tall for a particular club, then it’s in your best interest to have your golf clubs made to order, to suit your particular height. A club that is too short or too long for the player can create some discomfort, as it’d be impossible to maintain proper posture.

To produce the best results when having your clubs made to order, always do a club fitting first in any professional shop. This will give you the benefit of having a custom-made club that’s suited for your own body type, giving you maximum comfort in every swing you make.

Half-Set Golf Clubs

Half Set Golf ClubsIt’s quite preferable for beginners to always purchase a half-set as their starting set. Half-sets commonly consist of a putter, a set of five irons (4, 6, 8, pitching wedge and sand iron), and two woods (3, 5). This gives the benefit of making club selection much easier. It will also help you improve your swings. It is also less expensive than full sets. When you feel that you’re experienced enough and you want to complete your set, you can just purchase another half-set which adds more clubs to your selection (in many cases, a driver), or you can simply trade in your current one and get a full set as a replacement.

Advice From Experienced Golfers

More importantly, it’s best if you also consider asking your peers (who are experienced golfers) for advice, so that they can guide you in choosing the proper club set for a beginner like you. You can also try out the sets that they’re using personally, to help give you a feel of the clubs that you’re planning to buy. Also, it doesn’t hurt to ask for advice from the people at the pro shop where you’re going to buy your set, as they may also give you very good advice based on the feedback and criteria that you tell them when selecting your golf set.