The Advantages Of Opting For Iron On Patches

If you want to put your insignia or design on your clothing without applying it directly, patches can be just what you need. These patches and emblems are generally created on a fabric with a smooth texture and heavy twill. They are commonly seen on jackets, caps and uniforms because they are produced to promote maximum exposure and recognition which is why these iron on patches are efficient when it comes to branding and increasing awareness of anything you want to advertise.

However, these are not the only benefits that they can provide.
Easy Application

The heat seal backing that iron on patches have allows you to apply them to the garment without much hassle since you only need to heat them with a home iron while on your preferred area of your garment. You will not need to sew your patches to your clothing. However, if you want to be certain that your patch will be placed properly upright, it is advisable to put a few stiches before ironing it to your clothing.


Since it is removable, it will allow you to reuse your garment or replace your old patch with a new one. This is advantageous for businesses or companies that are planning to change their logo and even to event organizers who might need different logos for different events they hold. The best part of this is that the clothing does not get ruined when you remove your patch. These kinds of groups can save from buying another garment whenever they need to use another logo which is why it is better to opt for patches instead of direct embroidery.

It is Flexible

Some people think that there are different materials that are restricted when using custom embroidered patches. On the contrary, any kind of cloth or garment can be applied with it. Whether you want to use it on hats, aprons, fleece sweatshirts, track jackets, denim or cotton, you should have no problem with it. There are materials that are best for certain types of embroidery though. Getting the advice of an expert is recommended in order to ensure the quality of your personalized embroidery. There are different types of embroidery that you can choose to apply on your patches. You can also select kinds of patches other than the embroidered ones in case your design are too complicated to be applied with embroidery.

Easy to Personalize

It is easy to add names on clothes by applying embroidered letters. This can encourage clients to be on a more personal first name basis with your workers. This can help your brand & your employees gain a better impression from them. This can also lead to a better customer service. Whether a restaurant manager, waiter or plumber, your employees will surely look neat and respectable.

PatchesSince it is easy to create your own design or even apply your own logo on your custom patches, it is safe to say that there is no limit to the designs you can put on your patches. Despite this, you have to keep in mind that there are certain designs that won’t be given much emphasis when applied on iron on patches. This depends on the size of the patches that you opt for. Complicated designs cannot be seen clearly on small patches. For this reason, it is better to opt for simpler designs that directly indicates your message or whatever it is that you want to promote.

Undoubtedly, opting for custom patches is far better than choosing to have your designs or logos directly embroidered onto your garment. There is more to iron on patches than the aforementioned advantages. You can now start planning ahead before purchasing your patches. In addition, it is better to start designing if ever you do not want anyone else to create a design for you and you still do not have any logo to follow yet.

We use only the best materials and manufacturing techniques, and we never skimp on best quality patches.